Left: our choir stalls before the work began. Middle & right: in the workshop during the work of re-shaping the beautiful wood. 

Work in progress

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Phase 1

In Phase 1, our lovely choir stalls and communion rail are carefully taken out in order to be remodelled: In a move to preserve the precious original choir stalls and the communion rail, much of the beautiful wood is being reused: we are remodelling and re-using, rather than building wholly from new raw materials. In this way, we are reintegrating the existing with the new, and we are honouring the many, many years of service and beauty which the choir stalls and the communion rail have given to our church community. Below are pictures of the workmen in the process of carefully remodelling the existing shapes.

Building work has begun!

A large project of works to modernise the church and facilitate access for everyone, including the less mobile, is underway at Upminster Methodist Church. This page will be periodically updated to show the progress. If you have any questions or concerns please email us on upminstermc@gmail.com or phone us on 01708 222 278.


Upminster Methodist Church


We will be adding before and after photos to highlight the differences as the work progresses.

The plans

Below are photos of the plans that were approved and which are being implemented in a number of stages.  

Work in progress - Nov 2016