​Upminster Methodist Church

​Upminster Methodist Church

Sunday 8 Aug 2022

* a warm welcome to our online community *

Dates for your Diary  (details further down)

  • Sunday 16 August July at 1.20pm - Joyce Sarling's funeral - pls see August newsletter for details
  • Saturday 20 August - Afternoon Cream Tea in aid of Action for Children
  • Wednesday 24 August at 3pm - Margaret Caton's funeral - details pls see August newsletter 
  • Wednesday 31 August 9-11am - church 'spring clean' - details below
  • ​East Cluster retreat to Thorpe Bay on 15th October

Children's Attendance Cards

* a warm welcome to our online community *

Thank you to all those who have responded to our heartfelt requests for help in the last few weeks, whether in
specific roles [technology, practical help in other ways] or more generally.  As we endeavour to
revitalise the church post-COVID lockdowns, offers of support are still important, and welcome -
and the more, the merrier [and the lighter the load!] Please speak to one of the stewards at the back
of the church on Sunday mornings, or email upminster.stewards@gmail.com.


Contributions to the newsletter:

Prayer of the Week

God of glory, present in all places and filling all things, treasury of blessings and source of life: come and dwell with us, cleanse us from all sin and grant us your salvation. Amen.
Liturgy of St John Chrysostom (5th century)

Thank you 


Rev Rohama Asif

Please hold Rev Rohama and her family in your prayers following her mother’s death last week.
Rev Rohama has returned to Pakistan for the funeral and to be with her family there. We send 
our love and prayers.

Church Newsletter & Updates 

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    Please consider signing up to our newsletter so as to stay uptodate with any urgent changes. You can email us here

  • Covid recommendations: Although not mandatory to wear a mask during church services we would strongly encourage you, if you are able, to wear a mask at the moment in order to protect the more elderly and vulnerable in our congregation. The rear half of the church is designated for those wishing to continue wearing a mask, so please move to the pews in the front half of the church if you are not wearing a mask or wish to sing without a mask.
    It is now 'personal choice' if you wish to use a hymn or service book, but please leave them in the pew after each service. You no longer need to use the QR code or record your details when you visit the church. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Staying informed of updates: Regular updates are also posted on our facebook pageand via the Methodist Church website.

Last updated 8 Aug 2022

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We welcome you to join us at Upminster Methodist Church
for our Sunday or Mid-week services. Join either in person or online

This week's services & dates for your diary:​

  • Sunday 7 August, 10am Sunday Morning Service - Rev Joseph Ribeiro - ZOOM + in person
                     7 Aug. 7pm - Contemplative service (Zoom only)
  • Sunday 14 August, 10pm: Sunday Morning Service - Stella Holland,  ZOOM + in person
                     14 Aug. 7pm - Contemplative service (Zoom only)
  • Sunday 21 August, 10am: Sunday Morning Service - local preacher - ZOOM + in person 
                     21 Aug. 7pm - Contemplative service (Zoom only)

  • Sunday 28 August, 10 am: Sunday Morning Service + Holy Communion - ZOOM + in person
                     28 Aug. 7pm
     - Contemplative service (Zoom only)

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