Coronavirus Guidance

* a warm welcome to our online community *

I’m please to advise that the total raised from this year’s Gift Day was £6198. This will be added to our general funds, helping to offset the loss of income due to the pandemic. Grateful thanks to all those members and friends who have donated so generously.
Thank you.
Peter Caton Treasurer

Dates for your Diary 

  • East Cluster Family Day/Picnic on 16th July
  • Farewell service to David Jebb on 24th July
  • East Cluster retreat to Thorpe Bay on 15th October

Children's Attendance Cards


Church Newsletter & Covid updates 

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  • Covid recommendations: Although not mandatory to wear a mask during church services we would strongly encourage you, if you are able, to wear a mask at the moment in order to protect the more elderly and vulnerable in our congregation. The rear half of the church is designated for those wishing to continue wearing a mask, so please move to the pews in the front half of the church if you are not wearing a mask or wish to sing without a mask.
    It is now 'personal choice' if you wish to use a hymn or service book, but please leave them in the pew after each service. You no longer need to use the QR code or record your details when you visit the church. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Staying informed of updates: Regular updates are also posted on our facebook pageand via the Methodist Church website.

Details of our streamed services 

Upcoming Sunday morning services:

Note: *AAW = "All Age Worship" = service aimed at families


1 May: Rev Rohama Asif
8 May:  Joan Pugsley - AAW/Parade
15 May: Rev Joseph Ribeiro - Communion
22 May: Rev Karen Bell
29 May: Tim Banks


Last updated 1 May 2022

​Upminster Methodist Church

​Upminster Methodist Church

Gift Day

Sunday 13 March 2022

* a warm welcome to our online community *

Thank you to all those who have responded to our heartfelt requests for help in the last few weeks, whether in
specific roles [technology, practical help in other ways] or more generally.  As we endeavour to
revitalise the church post-COVID lockdowns, offers of support are still important, and welcome -
and the more, the merrier [and the lighter the load!] Please speak to one of the stewards at the back
of the church on Sunday mornings, or email


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Adult Helpers

God of glory, present in all places and filling all things, treasury of blessings and source of life: come and dwell with us, cleanse us from all sin and grant us your salvation. Amen.
Liturgy of St John Chrysostom (5th century)

Door Stewarding

We welcome you to join us at Upminster Methodist Church
for our Sunday or Mid-week services. Join either in person or online

This week's services & dates for your diary:​

  • Saturday 30 April, 9:30am - SATURDAY PRAYER TIME TOGETHER - ZOOM ONLY
  • Sunday 1 May. 10am Sunday Morning Service - Rev. Rohama Asif  - ZOOM & in person
  • Sunday 1 May, 12 noon: Rev Joseph Ribeiro service,  ZOOM ONLY
  • Wednesday 4 May, 7pm: Bible studies and Prayers - ZOOM ONLY

The Methodist Church in Britain together with ‘All We Can’ (the Methodist Relief and Development organization) have launched an emergency appeal in response to events unfolding in Ukraine.
As communities face violence, upheaval and the trauma of war, your urgent support is needed. 
Working together with the Global Relationships Team of the Methodist Church in Britain, donations will be used to support the response to the crisis happening in Ukraine, and ensure that critical humanitarian assistance is available ton those who need it.
To donate, follow this link:

Contributions to the newsletter:

Worship during the pandemic

Prayer of the Week

Thank you 

Romford Circuit Churches Website

The Wesley Players Present:

List of upcoming services 

Mission Group

Nearest Foodbank 

Reporting Positive Covid Cases

Suggestions for worship opportunities and how to help others in worship can be found here. These include streamed services and service sheets to be printed at home.​

All current guidance from the Methodist Church regarding the coronavirus and devotional material can now be found here. Recent updates include information on how to ensure we support those in isolation safely, especially when making deliveries.

Christine Scrutton has taken over as secretary of the Mission Group.  Mission has a wide spectrum ranging from supporting work overseas and at home.  The collection box near the entrance door is collecting funds for the work of Junior Mission and the UMC building fund. All we Can is a Methodist Mission initiative which the church supports. It has served some of the most marginalised communities on earth for the last eight decades. 
Please contact her [[email us here for details]] or [[email us here for details]] if you are interested in joining this group which will help to raise funds for various mission activities.
The first event will be a coffee morning  at UMC in aid of Christian Aid.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns and if you could help out on Saturday 4th June.

Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Adult helpers are sought (preferably DBS checked or have done the safeguarding training) as this year, churches are planning to have an Easter trail on the green outside the Queens Theatre in Hornchurch.  This involves telling the Easter Story in parts for families and children.  Goody bags will be given out.  Help is needed on Friday 15th April in the morning and Saturday 16th April in the afternoon. I am planning on helping on Saturday, so please contact Christine Scrutton on 
​[[email us here for details]] or Christine Withers on [[email us here for details]] or [[email us here for details]] for more details.